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Kassiona ---- the treasure house for merchants, the arena for speculators, the haven for outlaws. As the center of the interstellar trade, the whole planet is consisted of wild entertainments and ubiquitous illegal goods trading. Nobody remembers when the prosperity has begun, but only knows that theresidents call themselves "Boovs".
Since Kassiona has a harsh environment with such thin air, all Boovs have to separate the HEAD from the BODY and holding it in hands, in order to remain the HEAD in the air layer. The HEAD functions as the center hub for memory and consciousness, while the BODY just acts as an operational tools that receiving instruction and order from the HEAD. When the HEAD is hibernating, BODY may continue the work automatically. It is the fascinating body structure of Boovs that flourishes the ecosystem on Kassiona, which makes the planet a 24/7 prosperous transit station.
However, behind the peace and wealth hides the greedy desires and unknown crises. The sudden appearance of Mr.E was doomed to bring huge chaos to Kassiona. He hacked into all the BODYs on the ground and ordered BODYs walk toward to the darkness. Meanwhile, the hibernating HEADs were woken up by the alarm and found their BODYs were gone. Panic and anger spread among Kassiona. No one even knew the true purpose of Mr.E, or the way to get their BODYs back.
Without the BODY, Kassiona gradually descend into disarray. Boovs who lost their BODY gathered and hosted urgent K·U·B Meeting, discussing the solution. But Mr.E left nothing about his evil plan.
Fellow Boovs, it's your time to find out the truth and get your BODYs back!
During the K·U·B Meeting, one Boov luckly brought back a vital clue -- while all the BODYs were heading to the darkness, he boldly sneaked behind them and a huge cave showed up. He could't see anything inside the cave, but only heard strange noices came out from there -- BuzzZzz....... Wait, the sound was familiar, like the machine factory! The Boov jumped back in a hurry, this time he would call more fellow Boovs come with him and discover the cave together.
The Boovs yelled:
"Look! The cave!!!"
"Is that my BODY in the cell?"
"Are all of our BODYs there?"
"Why my BODY is locked?"
"How to get them out!"
"I can't open the cell, where is the key?"
Boovs decided to take the risk……
As all Boovs find their BODY and reconnect with HEAD successful, the chaos seems to be coming to an end.
Yet, Mr.E is still somewhere on Kassiona, planing his next conspiracy.
What should Boovs do next? Make weapons or find other way to revenge?
What is Kassiona?
An original hand-painted NFT collection (ERC-721) of 7779 different Boovs.
What is my Kassiona tribe?
3 tribes are randomly allocated - Kiwanna, Ubinooa, Busterra. Each tribe has 1/3 probability.
When mint?
WL Mint : Sep 28th 03:00 AM UTC (60 Hours)
Public Mint : Sep 30th 15:00 PM UTC (Until Sold Out).
How do we distribute?
399 will remain for the team, collaborations, marketing and advisors.
How many Kassiona nft can I mint?
WL Mint 2 per wallet; Public Mint 1 per wallet.
How much cost a Kassiona nft?
FREE MINT + gas fee for all 7779.
What is the royalty (Creator Earnings)?
How to get Whitelist?
Follow us on Twitter, interact with other Boovs, show your passion on Kassiona.
Which blockchain do we use?
What is the utility?
Unexpected crazy adventure, wait and see……